Gen3 CarbonX™ CF Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon 3D Filament

Gen 3 CarbonX™ CF-Nylon Filament is an advanced semi-aromatic polyamide copolymer reinforced with high-modulus carbon fiber.  This filament is ideal for anyone that desires a structural component with high modulus, improved chemical and thermal resistance, excellent surface quality, and ease of printing.  Tired of nylon that warps?  This is the answer you've been looking for.  Excellent dimensional stability comes from the carbon fiber and the semi-aromatic nylon.  

High-Performance + High Temp Resistance:  Gen3 CarbonX™ CF-Nylon is a PA6 copolymer made using high-modulus carbon fiber and state-of-the-art compounding and extrusion technology.  Gen3 has higher HDT than our previous grades (147°C at .45MPa) allowing for expanded use in higher-temp applications.  

Open Source:  You do not need to purchase a special printer for CarbonX™ CF-Nylon.  Our CF Nylon (Gen 3) is suitable for use in practically any desktop 3D Printer that has a heated bed.  

Hardened Nozzles:  Carbon fiber reinforced filaments are abrasive and can wear out a brass or aluminum nozzle.  

Chemical Resistance Chart


Brand 3DXTech
Shipping Weight 1.6000kg
Shipping Width 0.200m
Shipping Height 0.100m
Shipping Length 0.200m
Shipping Cubic 0.004000000m3

Seriously strong

By: on 11 January 2021
I'm so impressed with this filament. It exceeded all my expectations. It is seriously strong and the finish is amazing. Easy to print with a .4 hardened nozzle. Pro Tip; dry the filament before use - 80c for 3 hrs. minimise support and print slowly (45mm/s). This stuff does 45-50 degree overhangs easily. It is now my go to filament for strong part applications


By: on 3 May 2020
There is not very much to write about Carbon X the internet provides the utmost information regarding.Two aspects I would like to mention are, Always try to print in an enclosure as I do and utilize a 220vot heating mat, heated to about 28 degrees celsius. Make sure your filament is placed inside the enclosure where it will also be heated. I also include a mini dehumidifier preventing the Filament to absorb moisture.  3D Printgear provides a maximum of customer service including very tight communication with the customer. This gave me the confidence to order 1400 $ worth of filament that was dispatched the next day. 4 days later the freight arrived in Perth with no hassles at all. These guys are very professional and my order will not be the last.

Good filiment

By: on 10 April 2020
Prints extremely well on my ender 3 with glass bed, all metal hotend, stainless nozzle and enclosure. The filiment is quites strong as well, however under static loads it does sag over time and layer adhesion is not great (most likely my settings/hardware) gonna test the glass fibre one and compare

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