Scanmaster and Colorfabb Copperfill

Scanmaster and Colorfabb Copperfill

I recently received my Scanmaster Pro 3D scanner and quickly went about scanning pretty much everything I could find that would fit on the turntable. I came across a small Buddha head that I acquired while trekking in Cambodia and thought it would make a perfect candidate. The scanner did an amazing job of capturing the details, and did so in around 3 minutes!

The scanner comes with a turntable but can also work in "free" mode which allows you to scan models up to 700x700x700mm but you need to manually rotate the object.

Scanmaster Pro

The Scanned result which was about 200 Mb !

Buddha Head

The only post processing done to the scan was to slice off the bottom so it would sit flat. Something the scanning software doesn't do very well. Maybe a future update might add this.

Next it was time to print. I wanted an earthy look to the print, as the original, about the size of a tennis ball, is hand carved out of stone. From past experience I knew ColorFabb Copperfill gives a very realistic terracotta look when straight off the printer. I set off to print it on my trusty Flashforge Creator Pro at 100 micron and 20% infill. More would add a convincing weight but if something went wrong it would be an expensive exercise.

Here is the result alongside the original carving.

Colorfabb Copperfill Buddha

I'm very pleased with the result, however I plan on polishing it at some stage. I might even print another.

Overall it was a fun process and the wonderful terracotta look and feel of the Copperfill gives you 2 filaments for the price of one!

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  • Tracy

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