PolyMaker Polysupport Filament 0.5kg (1.1lbs)

PolyMaker Support filament.

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To date support has always been one of the most intimidating problems in FDM/FFF 3D printing.  When materials such as PLA are used for both the model and the support in cases of  single-extruder printers, the support structure is often very difficult to remove and can easily damage the part’s surface. Water soluble filaments such as PVA, while conceptually appealing, can perform poorly in practice as the materials generally have very limited shelf life. The material, by nature, absorbs large amounts of moisture from the atmosphere and quickly become unprintable.

Polymaker support cube   

As a result, most designers and experienced printer users are trying to avoid support as much as possible, by carefully designing the models (particularly the overhang portions), or breaking a complex model into multiple less complex pieces for separate printing and assembling them together.  Doing so makes it difficult for 3D printing to become more a widely-adopted technology. Limiting the technologies true potential to only those who have the design skills to overcome the current problem with support material.

Polymaker, however, is committed to changing this, and PolySupport™ is the first step towards this goal.  According to Polymaker, PolySupport™ is an entirely new support material and works differently from any other existing support material. It generates support structure that can be easily removed by hand or simple tools, while leaving no/ very little residual material or damage to the part surface. When printed as a raft or support material, PolySupport™ generates a very weak structural bond to the model it supports, meaning you can remove virtually any support structure in a matter of minutes by hand.

Polymaker support bunny

PolySupport is easy to use and store.  It prints reliably at 220-240 °C with no heated build plate required and in terms of handling, it is quite similar to PLA and has little or no sensitivity to moisture.

Polymaker polysupport skull


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