Temperature reducing patch lead

Temperature Reducing Patch lead.

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This patch lead goes inline with the temperature/thermister cable to trick the UP into thinking the temperature has reached 270C. This lead will reduce the print temperature to around 245 C, appropriate for printing with ours and many other aftermarket ABS plastics.

Some of the advantages.

  • Reduces popping and bubbling 
  • Decreases toxic fumes associated with heating ABS beyond its recommended temperature
  • Easier removal of support material 
  • Reduces "ooze" and stringing

The redesigned cover to accommodate the switch is available for download HERE

A new switch holder is being designed to suit the current protective covers on new machines.

Installation instructions

1. Thread the patch lead one plug at a time through the switch hole of the new printed cover and mount switch.
2. Remove the factory cover and carefully unplug the heater element plug from the board. 3. Plug the patch lead into the circuit board then plug the heater element cable into the other end of the patch lead, placing the plug on top of the board plug. Hold in place with hot glue or double sided tape.
4. carefully replace the cover, making sure that all wires are inside and are not kinked or strained. Now in the maintenance screen you should notice the temperature change when you slide the switch. Give it a couple seconds to settle. The position that shows a resting higher temperature will be for printing with aftermarket ABS.

NOTE: Care should be taken to reduce the strain put on the original cable while plugging in the patch. The heating element wires are notoriously brittle and no responsibility is taken if they break.
Be aware that using this product could void your warranty. Use at your own risk.

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