140mm wide Kapton tape

140mm wide Kapton tape

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This tape has been specially made to suit the printing platform of the UP! Plus, but will also suit other printers with similar platform sizes.

No more having to stick multiple layers onto glass when printing raftless. Kapton Tape also known as Polyimide Tape is an electrically insulating heat resistant tape that has many uses. Kapton tape is a good print surface for priting ABS on a Heated Bed. For ABS to stick to Kapton the Kapton needs to be hot (different sources mention minimum temperatures between 80-130C). Also the Kapton should be cleaned with acetone before printing, as there will be a residue left behind from being on the roll. Subsequent wiping with acetone in between prints will help keep the surface clean and help keep adhesion.

Comes on a 33m roll (approximately 235 platforms replacements)

Thickness 2.4mil ( 0.06mm) (0.002")
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Custom Field 1Now thicker and cheaper!

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