Bambu Lab

Bambu Lab is a tech company that specializes in producing state-of-the-art 3D printers for consumers. Their X1 series of 3D printers is designed to break the barriers between the digital and physical worlds, enabling a new level of creativity. Bambu Lab is committed to creating cutting-edge technology that is affordable and of high production quality, with a team of engineers that has expertise in robotics, artificial intelligence, materials science, and the internet industries. They also have a passion for creating eco-friendly 3D printers that help reduce carbon footprints. The company has received recognition and awards for its innovative products, including being named among "The Best Inventions of 2022" by TIME. They are dedicated to sharing knowledge with the 3D printing community and have shipped over 6000 printers worldwide.

 Educational Institute or Government Organisation?  

3D Printer Gear has been supplying government organisations with 3D printers, services and support since 2012. As an approved government customer you will automatically be entitled to 30-day terms with an official purchase order.

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Bambu Lab P1P

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Bambu Lab P1P

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Bambu Lab P1S

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Bambu Lab P1S

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Bambu Lab A1

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Bambu Lab A1

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