Bambu Lab

Bambu Lab Filament is a 3D printing filament that has gained popularity among hobbyists, particularly users of the X1-Carbon and P1P 3D printer. The filament is integrated with an RFID feature that allows the Bambu Studio software to automatically set the filament type, color, and other parameters, simplifying the 3D printing process.

Despite being referred to as basic PLA, Bambu Lab Filament is more akin to PLA+, providing a high-quality print similar to eSun, Filaform and Polymaker PLA+. The range features a decent range of materials, including ABS, sparkle, matte, basic, TPU, PC, carbon fibre filled and a support variant, designed specifically as an interface layer for supports.

Though these premium filaments are branded as "Bambu Lab" they are compatible with all 1.75mm filament printers.