Support Material

Support filaments are specialized materials designed to support overhanging parts and intricate designs during the 3D printing process. These materials can be either soluble, which dissolves in a specific solvent leaving behind a clean print, or breakaway, which can be mechanically removed after printing. Their primary function is to enable the printing of complex geometries that would otherwise be impossible due to gravity and printer capabilities.

Unique Features: Soluble support materials dissolve in specific chemicals, providing a means to achieve high-detail prints with complex structures. Breakaway supports are designed for easy removal without the need for solvents, offering convenience and speed in post-processing.
Ideal Use Case: Support materials are essential for models with overhangs, intricate details, floating parts, or internal structures that require support during printing. They are widely used in prototyping, medical modeling, architectural models, and any application where complex geometries are needed.
Additional Components: Use of support materials often requires a dual extruder 3D printer, capable of printing both the model and support material simultaneously. For soluble supports, access to the appropriate solvent (such as water for PVA or limonene for HIPS) is also necessary.