Polycarbonate (PC)

Polycarbonate is a high-performance filament known for its impressive strength, toughness, and heat resistance. It offers excellent dimensional stability and clarity, making it a preferred choice for engineering applications and parts requiring transparency and high mechanical performance.

Unique Features: PC's standout features include its high impact resistance, ability to withstand temperatures of up to 110°C (230°F) without deforming, and its clarity, which can be leveraged for creating transparent parts with a high level of precision.
Ideal Use Case: Ideal for protective gear, machine parts, functional prototypes, and automotive components exposed to high temperatures or requiring high strength. Its clarity also makes it suitable for light covers, windows, and any application where visual inspection or light transmission is necessary.
Additional Components: Printing with Polycarbonate requires a high-temperature nozzle and heated bed, often above 100°C (212°F), to prevent warping and ensure proper layer adhesion. A heated enclosure is also recommended to maintain a stable temperature during printing, reducing the chances of cracking or warping.