Tri Silk PLA

Tri Silk PLA introduces a unique, tri-color gradient with a silky, glossy finish to the printed objects, combining the ease of printing of PLA with visually striking results. This material provides a vibrant and smooth appearance that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any print without the need for painting or extensive post-processing.

Unique Features: A distinctive tri-color gradient and a silky, glossy finish that catches the light, creating visually appealing prints with depth and character.
Ideal Use Case: Ideal for decorative items, art pieces, vases, and any project where aesthetic appeal is as important as functionality. It's perfect for artists, designers, and anyone looking to add a unique touch to their creations.
Additional Components: Tri Silk PLA can be printed on standard equipment without the need for special hardware, making it accessible to a wide range of users from hobbyists to professionals.