Glitter/Sparkle PLA

Glitter/Sparkle PLA combines the user-friendly properties of PLA with the aesthetic appeal of glitter, creating prints with a sparkling finish. This filament is imbued with reflective particles that catch the light, adding a unique and eye-catching effect to the printed objects.

Unique Features: The incorporation of glitter particles provides a distinctive shine and texture, enhancing the visual appeal of prints without affecting the ease of printing associated with PLA.
Ideal Use Case: Perfect for decorative items, jewelry, accessories, and any project where a sparkling, standout finish is desired. It’s especially popular for gift items, ornaments, and decorative pieces where the shimmering effect can add a special touch.
Additional Components: Glitter/Sparkle PLA can generally be printed using standard PLA settings, though a slightly larger nozzle (0.5mm or above) may help prevent clogging due to the glitter particles. No special hardware is needed beyond what is typically used for PLA.