Metallic PLA

Metallic PLA filaments contain finely ground metallic powders mixed with PLA, offering the ease of PLA printing with the added aesthetic of metal. This filament creates prints with a metallic sheen and added weight, making them feel more substantial and visually appealing.

Unique Features: The presence of real metallic particles gives the prints a unique texture and appearance that mimics metal, with a range of finishes available including bronze, copper, and stainless steel looks.
Ideal Use Case: Metallic PLA is perfect for decorative items, jewelry, costume accessories, and any print where a metallic appearance is desired. It is especially popular for creating replicas, ornaments, and pieces where the look and feel of metal add value to the design.
Additional Components: While it prints like regular PLA, using a larger nozzle (0.5mm or larger) can help prevent clogging due to the metallic particles. A hardened steel nozzle can also extend the nozzle’s life due to the abrasive nature of the filament.