Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre filaments are composite materials that incorporate short carbon fiber strands into a base material such as PLA, PETG, or Nylon, enhancing their structural properties. These filaments offer increased stiffness, improved dimensional stability, and a reduction in weight compared to their base materials, making them ideal for applications that require the lightweight and strength characteristics of carbon fiber.

Unique Features: The addition of carbon fibers significantly enhances the strength-to-weight ratio, rigidity, and thermal properties of the base filament, making prints more durable and resistant to warping.
Ideal Use Case: Carbon Fibre filaments are perfect for functional parts requiring high stiffness and strength, such as drone components, lightweight frames, automotive parts, and gears. They are also used in applications where an "engineering-grade" material is needed for prototypes or end-use parts.
Additional Components: Printing with Carbon Fibre filament requires a hardened