Filaform is an Australian formulation created at the beginning of 2015 to be the main supply for our print farm. There were 3 main requirements that we wanted our filament to achieve: 


1. Quality

Our filament needed to be strong, print amazingly well and could be exposed to the elements without absorbing moisture or becoming brittle. Our Filaform PLA+ V3 ticks all these boxes and more. It was formulated to print with or without an enclosure, has much higher mechanical properties when compared to standard PLA and prints with amazing quality. Our print farm does an amazing job at detecting and identifying issues between each batch so if we ever come across anything that doesn't meet our standards, we wont sell it. 

If you are unsatisfied with our Filament, contact us for a full refund. 


2. Reliability 

Our print farm runs 24/7 and thus requires a filament that is reliable and easy to print with. We have run through over 1,000,000 hours of Filaform filament through our machines and can confidently say that Filaform filament is very rarely the cause of any print failures. You can confidently start and print and walk away knowing that Filaform will deliver no matter what 


3. Consistency  

Filaform truly delivers a 1.75mm consistent filament with a variation of +/- 0.02mm throughout its entire spool. The colour has been meticulously sought to be consistent throughout the entire batch so if you resume a print with a spool from 6 months ago, it will maintain the same colour consistency with no variation between spools. You can be confident. The red remains the same shade and the blue remains the same colour throughout its entire lifespan. 

Try our range of Filaform filament and you'll notice the difference of what 1,000,000 print hours of testing really looks like!  


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