1.75mm All Metal Mosquito Compatible Hotend - High Temperature 


Please note this is a compatible Mosquito hotend. 


The All Metal Mosquito Compatible Hotend is a high-temperature-resistant printing head designed to elevate your 3D printing experience. Crafted with precision and built with quality in mind, this all-metal extrusion head offers exceptional performance and reliability. Its high-temperature resistance allows you to work with a wide range of filament materials, including high-temperature filaments like ABS, PETG, carbon fibre and nylon.



The bi-metal design of the All Metal Mosquito Hotend combines the thermal efficiency of a metal hot-end with the wear resistance of a hardened steel nozzle. This innovative solution ensures excellent heat transfer and stability while providing the durability needed to withstand abrasive filaments. The hardened steel nozzle withstands the abrasive nature of materials like carbon fiber, reducing nozzle wear and extending the hotend's lifespan. Meanwhile, the brass heater block optimizes heat conduction for precise temperature control and efficient filament melting. The All Metal Mosquito Extrusion Head is compatible with the standard V6 nozzle convention, ensuring seamless integration with your existing 3D printing setup.



Installing the All Metal Mosquito Extrusion Head is a breeze, and it is compatible with various 3D printer models. Its versatility makes it suitable for both professional users and hobbyists, enabling you to explore endless possibilities in your 3D printing projects. Upgrade your 3D printer with the All Metal Mosquito Extrusion Head and experience the benefits of high-temperature printing with enhanced reliability, precision, and durability provided by its bi-metal design.



Thanks to the ingenuity and collaborative spirit of the 3d modeling community, adapters have made it possible for the hot end to be easily installed and compatible with most 3D printers currently on the market. (Here are some examples)


  • Original Prusa i3 MK3S+
  • Creality Ender 3
  • Creality Ender 3 Pro
  • Creality Ender 5
  • Creality CR10
  • Creality CR10 S
  • Creality CR10 S 4
  • Creality CR10 S 5
  • Creality CR10 MAX
  • Creality CR10S Pro
  • Creality CR 20
  • Creality CR 20 Pro
  • MakerBot Replicator 1
  • MakerBot Replicator 2
  • MakerBot Replicator 2X
  • MakerBot Replicator 5th
  • MakerBot Replicator Mini
  • MakerBot Replicator Mini +
  • MakerBot Replicator Z18
  • MakerBot Replicator +
  • Anet ET4
  • Anet E10
  • Anet E16
  • Anet A6
  • Anet A8
  • Anet A8 plus
  • and many more


SKU 48162
Shipping Weight 0.0500kg
Shipping Width 0.027m
Shipping Height 0.018m
Shipping Length 0.041m
Shipping Cubic 0.000020000m3

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