3D Scanners For Sale Online In Australia

3D scanners have a multitude of uses in the modern world, all the way from planning to production, 3D scanning can be used at any stage of the manufacturing and design cycle. The use of scanners can be found in many industries such as engineering, mechanics, medical and surveying. As well as its uses for designing, scanners can be used on humans and body parts to create a 3 dimensional representation in digital form, using our 3D scanners for this purpose allows you to see how humans can interact with a potential product without the need for prototypes and physical beings.

The Benefits Of Using 3D Scanning

The main benefits are clear. They help reduce costs at the prototype stage of design as there is no need to manufacture multiple designs, as changes can be made on the computer model. This also reduces the lead time from design to production..
As you can see we have the very best scanners on offer, however if there is a particular product you are interested in then please contact us and we will be happy to help with any enquiry.

What a 3D Scanner Does

The actual description for a 3D scan is “the digital representation of a physical object where the object is scanned and the raw data is processed to give a too scale digital copy on a computer.” This allows you to manipulate a product and archive the changes without having to rebuild prototypes and altering the real thing. The uses of a 3D Scanner doesn’t stop there, it allows you to recover original dimensions of products if those drawings or data have been lost, or even reconstruct damaged items on a computer.

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