ColorFabb Low-Warp ASA White 0.65KG 1.75mm

Discover the robust capabilities of colorFabb's LW-ASA Black filament, designed for those who demand both aesthetics and performance in their 3D printed projects. This filament comes in a pure, slightly off-white ASA color that transforms to a matte finish when foamed, adding a professional touch to your prints. The LW-ASA technology allows for a volume increase of nearly 2.5 times, enabling the creation of lightweight parts with a reduced flow rate down to 40%. Despite its light weight, this filament doesn't compromise on strength, boasting a density close to 1.07 g/cm3 when unfoamed, which drops to about 0.43 g/cm3 when foamed at its maximum capacity and printed at 40% flow rate.

What sets the LW-ASA Black filament apart is its inherent UV stability and impressive high-temperature resistance of up to 96°C, making it a reliable choice for outdoor or industrial applications exposed to harsh conditions. Unlike other filaments, LW-ASA's warping susceptibility is lower, ensuring that your prints retain their shape even in challenging environments. Especially, models with a large footprint will experience less shrinkage and warping during the printing process compared to ABS filaments.

To further enhance your printing experience, colorFabb provides valuable advice for optimal printing results. Utilize a large brim and a heated build plate of 90-100°C (or higher if your machine permits) to mitigate warping. Implementing a tall skirt around your model or printing inside an enclosure can also be beneficial to control the environment temperature, ensuring a smooth printing process from start to finish. Moreover, with colorFabb's well-equipped 3D printing studio and extensive testing on various popular 3D printers, rest assured you're investing in a filament that's crafted for excellence and consistent performance across different printing platforms​.


Brand ColorFabb
Shipping Weight 1.1000kg
Shipping Width 0.205m
Shipping Height 0.060m
Shipping Length 0.205m

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