ColorFabb PA NEAT 0.75KG 1.75mm

Unveil the potential of professional 3D printing with ColorFabb's PA Neat filament. This novel, unfilled, heat-resistant, and low-warp polyamide (nylon) grade filament is meticulously designed to endure continuous use at 120°C, while retaining crucial mechanical properties for robust, long-lasting prints. The inherent toughness of PA Neat makes it an ideal choice for professionals seeking to create durable prints capable of performing under demanding conditions.

What sets PA Neat apart is its remarkable resistance to warping, making it a reliable companion for those intricate and large-scale projects. Its high stiffness, especially in the 2.85mm diameter, ensures a stable and predictable printing experience. To prevent unspooling, it's advised to use spool mounts with some friction between the spool and holder, showcasing the thoughtfulness in design for user convenience.

The journey doesn’t end at printing; PA Neat is engineered for real-world use. Although the filament may absorb moisture from the environment, a simple drying process at 70-80°C for 4-6 hours can easily mitigate this, ensuring your prints remain pristine and functional over time.

Dive into the specifics with ColorFabb's well-documented printing advice. With a recommended printing temperature range of 265C-290C, a print speed of 30 - 40 mm/s, and a heated bed temperature of ambient to 50C, you have the flexibility to tailor the settings to your project’s needs. For those using a heated glass plate build surface, 3DLac is recommended for extra adhesion, and a cooling fan setting of 0% to 50% allows for optimal layer-to-layer adhesion, making PA Neat adaptable to various printing requirements.

The PA Neat filament isn’t merely a material; it’s a statement of quality and functionality. Whether you are a seasoned professional or on a journey of mastering 3D printing, ColorFabb’s PA Neat filament is geared to elevate your printing endeavors to a realm of excellence. Embrace the blend of innovation, reliability, and superior quality with PA Neat, and let your creations speak volumes of your craftsmanship


Brand ColorFabb
Shipping Weight 1.1000kg
Shipping Width 0.205m
Shipping Height 0.060m
Shipping Length 0.205m

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