ColorFabb Woodfill

ColorFabb woodfill is a new type of wood filament for 3D printing.  It consists of 30% pinewood in a binder of colorFabb PLA/PHA.  It is very different from wood filaments that are on the market now.

  • The filament and printed object have good mechanical properties.  The filament is reasonably ductile and will not snap during regular handling.  It feeds well in bowden and direct drive extruders.
  • The color is stable over a range of temperatures. This material will not change color by increasing or decreasing temperature.
  • The added filler gives the material a lot of melt strength, so bridging is excellent.  This same property also allows the material to be heat smoothed after printing.
  • The printed object immediately has full strength after printing just like a regular PLA print.  No post-print curing time is required.
  • The filler content results in nearly zero warpage or shrinkage of the part.  The makes dimensional stability and build plate adhesion excellent.
  • This material is provided on a spool!  Standard spool is a minimum of 600 grams of filament.
  • It is available in 1.75mm and can be printed with a 0.4mm or larger nozzle.



Brand ColorFabb
Shipping Weight 1.0600kg
Shipping Width 0.210m
Shipping Height 0.070m
Shipping Length 0.230m

The service was excellent i

By: on 10 September 2014
The service was excellent i have had some difficulty getting the material to work in the printer as smoothly as normal plastics. But i have a feeling that will be about getting the right temperature etc. It is a nice product though!

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