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The Kings FGF-1800 Pro, engineered with cutting-edge Fused Grain Structure (FGF) technology and innovative screw extrusion technology, represents a leap forward in industrial-grade 3D printing. Designed for both granular and polymer composite materials, this printer offers an unbeatable combination of affordability, speed, durability, and resistance to outdoor elements. With our proprietary consumables, enjoy rapid printing and forming speeds without compromising on strength or quality. Ideal for professionals seeking a large format 3D printer that delivers high performance with low material costs. Boasting a print area of 1800*1300*1300mm this printer allows for huge part printing.





Ideal Applications


The growing and diverse market demand has driven the use of large FGF 3D printers to solve a variety of complex issues including sculpture making, furniture design, toy industry, art crafts, mould manufacturing, landmarks, end-use products for the automotive, transport or marine industry etc.


  • Innovative Chair Design 


Large-format granular 3D printing has revolutionized the design and manufacturing of chairs, offering unprecedented flexibility, customization, and efficiency. This technology has paved the way for designers and manufacturers to push the boundaries of creativity, functionality, and sustainability in chair design. Here's how large-format granular 3D printing has contributed to the creation of innovative and unique chair designs:


  • Short Lead Time Mould Manufacture


Traditional methods of manufacturing moulds from aluminium or steel typically require a lengthy cycle of 1 to 2 months. In contrast, large format FGF 3D printers dramatically reduce this timeframe to just 1 to 2 weeks. This accelerated process aligns mould production more closely with the pace of product design updates, significantly reducing the overall design and research & development period for businesses. Consequently, this method enhances workflow efficiency, particularly in the realm of creative projects, leading to faster realization of finished products. Large-format granular 3D printing plays a crucial role in this improved process by enabling the rapid production of moulds with complex geometries that would be time-consuming and expensive to create using traditional methods. This technological advancement not only speeds up production but also encourages innovation by allowing for more frequent iterations and updates in product design



  • Large Format Automotive 


Large-format 3D printing has revolutionised the automotive industry by significantly enhancing the speed and flexibility of the design and prototyping process. This technology allows for the rapid production of full-size automotive parts, drastically reducing the development timeline from concept to prototype. It enables the creation of complex and detailed components that were previously challenging or impossible to fabricate with traditional manufacturing techniques. As a result, automotive designers and engineers can iterate and optimise designs more quickly and efficiently, leading to innovations in vehicle performance, aesthetics, and functionality. The adoption of large-format 3D printing in the automotive sector underscores a shift towards more customisable, innovative, and efficiently produced vehicles, highlighting the technology's critical role in the future of automotive manufacturing.


  • Branding Elements


Large format 3D printing offers unparalleled advantages for branding and exhibits, serving as an invaluable tool for marketers, designers, and event organisers looking to craft impactful, memorable brand experiences. It enables unmatched customisation, allowing for the creation of bespoke branding elements and exhibit designs tailored to specific themes or corporate identities. This technology facilitates the production of large, intricate displays and signage that capture attention and communicate brand messages effectively. Moreover, large-format 3D printing supports the use of a wide range of materials, enabling the construction of durable, high-quality installations that can withstand the rigours of public display. Its cost-effectiveness and speed in producing large items make it ideal for meeting tight deadlines and budgets, while its sustainability aspect, through the use of eco-friendly materials, aligns with the growing demand for green marketing solutions.




Image Gallery


Below are examples of completed projects utilising the large build volume of the Kings FGF-1800 3D Printer. 


Technical Specifications


General information
Printing technology Fused Granular Fabrication
Build Dimensions 1800 x 1300 x 1300mm  
Printer Dimensions 2262 x 1950 x 2610mm
Nozzle Diameter Availability 1mm - 8mm 
Weight 1300kg
Nozzle Temperature 350 Degrees Celcius 
Nozzle Heating Method Three Zone Intelligent Screw Extrusion
Compressed Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Material Particle Diameter 1-5mm
Storage Hopper Volume 50kg
Automatic Feeder  Integrated
Power supply 415 v
Rated Power 10 [kW]
Power Type Three Phase


Who is Kings Printing?

Kings 3D is a leading additive manufacturing company in China, dedicated to the R&D, Applications and innovation of 3D printing. Kings 3D provides complete ranges of plastic and metal printers, 3d printing materials and industrial Applications solutions. They are one of the largest industrial printer manufacturers in China. 3DPrinter gear is the exclusive supplier for Kings Printers in Australia.

Kings 3D is at the forefront of shaping the entire additive space that spans everything including prototyping, automotive, aerospace, medical, footwear, jewellery, home appliance etc. Kings 3D envisions a world in which ideas become reality through 3D printing technology. And it is where Kings 3D thrives.


Brand Kings

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