KS198S - Flexible Resin

Material Overview

KS198S is a white, flexible SLA resin with features of high toughness, high elasticity and soft touch. It's ideal for printing shoe prototype, rubber wrap, biomedical model and other rubber like parts.

Ideal Applications

Footware insoles and shoes Flexible prototypes Soft white display models


High Flexibility Good Tear Reistance Highly Accurate Excellent white colour

Material Parameters


Liquid Properties Optical Properties
Appearance White Dp 0.125mm [slope of cure-depth vs. In (E) curve]
Viscosity 560 cps @ 30 °C Ec 13.5 mJ/cm2 [critical exposure]
Density 1.1g/cm3 @ 25 °C Building layer thickness 0.08-0.12mm
Mechanical Properties UV Precure UV Postcure
Measurement GB Method Value Value
Tensile strength GB/T 1040.1-2006 13 MPa 5 MPa
Elongation at Break GB/T 1040.1-2006 85% 80%
Hardness, Shore A GB/T 2411-2008 82 A 83 A
Tearing strength GB/T 529-1999 33 kN/m 14 kN/m
Glass transition DMA,tanθ peak 24 °C 24 °C




Brand Kings
Unit Of Measure each

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