Vision Miner Nano Polymer Adhesive 50ml

DESIGNED FOR HIGH-TEMP Filaments and almost everything in between! Here at Vision Miner, we know how tough printing high-temperature thermoplastics can be. There’s nothing worse than starting a print job just to find out that your base layer shifted and your printer has been extruding on open air for the past five hours.


Designed to work with PPSU, PSU, Nylon, ABS, ASA, PolycarbonatePEEK and PEI, this build plate glue is our solution for adhesion with extreme pulling forces. If your parts are peeling up from the bed, or curling from the build plate, this new build plate glue is definitely for you. this adhesive works on multiple surfaces -- borosilicate glass, carbon fiber, PEI, and more.

When printing PLA and PETG a single application can last as many as 50 prints. And each bottle has around 200 8"x8" coatings worth of adhesive.

No more giant glue mess -- simply wet the surface, and remove the coating with a palette knife. 




Clean Glass ( use water or alcohol)

Apply Adhesive evenly on build area

Print Your Part

Remove Part (See Below)



When you're extruding below 300ºC, generally you can remove the part as soon as the plate cools. With materials like PLA or PETG, it usually pops itself off the plate. If it sticks too much, you can apply water around the base of the part, which will help it release. This occasionally happens with ABS.



When you're extruding over 300ºC, remove the part as quickly as possible. You want the buildplate and part to be HOT when you remove it -- high-temp materials contract extremely quickly when cooling, and parts can shatter glass in less than 30 seconds.



ABS contracts very quickly when it cools; because of this, the risk of chipping, chunking, or breaking glass is higher with ABS. We recommend using Kapton Tape, PEI, or some other type of protective surface on top of glass when printing ABS. Because this happens with gluestick, hairspray, and other adhesives, we are not responsible for broken or chipped buildplates when using this product.

Ensure proper leveling. High-temp materials must be removed extremely quickly. High Performance Polymers cool faster than glass, which can cause chipping. Prevent this by removing parts quickly.



Brand Vision Miner Adhesives
Shipping Weight 0.2000kg
Shipping Width 0.020m
Shipping Height 0.020m
Shipping Length 0.050m

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