Bambu Texture PEI Plate Features and Tips


Excellent first-layer adhesion, Improved durability

After optimizing the manufacturing process of the Bambu Texture PEI Plate, the durability of the plate is enhanced. Additionally, the adhesion between the prints and the plate is significantly improved, eliminating the need for adhesives.


Auto Release

PEI is an excellent material for 3D printing applications due to its ability to withstand the repeated heating and cooling cycles of a printer heatbed. Prints come off easily when the temperature of the heatbed reaches room temperature, and we always recommend waiting until it reaches 35℃ or lower. If the print still adheres to the plate, simply bend the steel plate, and the model will fall right into your hands.


Textured surface finish

Bambu Texture PEI Plate offers a one-of-a-kind first-layer surface. Through the application of a powder-coating process, this PEI Build Plate creates a rugged texture that adds a unique texture to your prints.


Compatibility with various filaments, especially for PLA

PEI enables printing with common materials such as PLA, TPU, PETG, and PVA.

Please apply liquid glue or a glue stick to prevent the sheet from tearing if printing filament other than PLA.



  • Increasing the temperature of the heatbed enhances the adhesion of the filament to the build plate. Users can adjust the temperature of the heatbed or apply glue if additional adhesion is needed.
  • During the printing process, dust and grease on the surface of the build plate can negatively impact material adhesion. It is recommended to regularly clean the surface with detergent and water to eliminate any dust or grease residue first. If it doesn't work, clean the surface with alcohol.
  • Wait until the build plate fully cools down to prevent damage to the plate and prints when removing the printed parts.
  • Do not clean the plate with acetone, as it will damage the PEI surface.
  • Carefully sanding the surface with fine-grit (600 is recommended) sandpaper can help restore adhesion.


SKU 51181
Brand Bambu Lab
Shipping Weight 0.3200kg
Shipping Width 0.290m
Shipping Height 0.040m
Shipping Length 0.290m

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