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SLA 3D printing, also known as stereolithography, utilizes mature photocuring technology to rapidly produce prototypes directly from CAD models, offering advantages such as speed, intricate detail, and ease of design changes. Its applications span various industries, including manufacturing, product design, engineering, automotive, jewelry, dentistry, education, and model making, making it an ideal choice for creating highly detailed prototypes, molds, and assembly parts with complex structures.

The Kings 3050Pro SLA printer can produce huge parts in extreme detail allowing for the precise reproduction of CAD models rapidly and accurately. The size of the printer bed also allows batch printing of hundreds of smaller parts speeding up production time massively.



  • Variable laser spot size and variable power
  • Automatic identifying upskin and downskin with differentiated parameters
  • Different Parameter database with different layer thickness
  • Optowave laser from the US, Scanlab galvanometer from Germany
  • Full epoxy granite structure for enhanced recoating and scanning stability
  • High-stiffness light recoater to ensure recoating accuracy and efficiency
  • Compensation algorithm for multi-head system, ensuring uniform curing in the printing range


Ideal Applications


The growing and diverse market demand has driven the use of large SLA 3D printers to solve a variety of complex issues including sculpture making, furniture design, toy industry, art crafts, mould manufacturing, landmarks, end-use products for the automotive, transport or marine industry etc.


  • Clear Resins For Prototyping


SLA printers excel at creating clear prototypes that offer unparalleled insight into internal workings. By utilizing translucent resins, these printers produce prototypes with exceptional clarity, enabling users to easily visualize intricate details and diagnose potential issues. This transparency empowers engineers and designers to iterate more effectively, leading to refined and optimized final products.


  • Short Lead Time Mould Manufacture


Traditional methods of manufacturing moulds from aluminium or steel typically require a lengthy cycle of 1 to 2 months. In contrast, large format SLA 3D printers dramatically reduce this timeframe to just 1 to 2 weeks. This accelerated process aligns mould production more closely with the pace of product design updates, significantly reducing the overall design and research & development period for businesses. Consequently, this method enhances workflow efficiency, particularly in the realm of creative projects, leading to faster realization of finished products. Large-format resin 3D printing plays a crucial role in this improved process by enabling the rapid production of moulds with complex geometries that would be time-consuming and expensive to create using traditional methods. This technological advancement not only speeds up production but also encourages innovation by allowing for more frequent iterations and updates in product design



  • Product Models and Prototyping 


By utilizing high-resolution laser beams to solidify liquid resin layer by layer, SLA printers can produce intricate and accurate models that closely resemble the final product. This capability allows designers and engineers to quickly iterate and test designs, validate concepts, and refine details before moving to production. Additionally, the flexibility of SLA materials enables the production of functional prototypes for testing mechanical properties and fit, further streamlining the product development process. Fit testing for ergonomic applications is ideal for SLA printing allowing fine adjustments to prosthetics dental retainers and other medical devices.




Image Gallery


Below are examples of completed projects utilising the large build volume of the Kings Kings 3050Pro 3D Printer. 


Technical Specifications


General information
Printing technology Stereolithography
Printing material 355nm Resin
Build Dimensions 300x350x350mm
Printer Dimensions 94cm(W)*102cm(D)*192cm(H)
Laser Type Solid State freq tripled Nd: YV04
Weight 780kg
Wavelength 355nm
Max Scanning Speed 12.0 m/s
Beam Size 0.065-0.8mm
Layer Thickness 0.05 - 0.25mm
Resin Tank Volume 80kg
Vertical Resolution Accuracy 0.0005
Power supply 240v AC
Rated Power 1.2KVA
Power Type Single Phase


Brand Kings
Shipping Weight 780.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.940m
Shipping Height 1.920m
Shipping Length 1.020m
Unit Of Measure each

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