KS808-BK - Black Resin

Material Overview

KS808-BK ABS-like resin is a versatile charcoal black SL resin with high precision outstanding machinability and excellent durability. It provides long-term environmental stability with good impact strength, elongation, and tensile strength. This material is recommended for making conceptual models, master patterns, and functional parts in the shoe, automotive, medical, consumer electronics, etc industries.

Ideal Applications

Vacuum casting prototypes

Functional models need to be tough

Conceptual models

Low-volume production models

Shoe, automotive, medical, consumer electronics, etc applications


Medium viscosity ensures easier re-coating and cleaning of parts and machines

Better strength and dimensional retention properties in wet environments

Long shelf life in the machine

Excellent surface quality, accuracy, repeatability

Need less part-finishing time, easier post-curing

The charcoal black color offers low shrink and good resistance to yellowing

Material Parameters


Appearance Charcoal black
Density 1.12-1.14g/cm3 @ 25 °C
Viscosity 350-505 cps @ 25 °C
Dp 0.135-0.155 mm
Ec 9-12 mJ/cm
Building layer thickness 0.05-0.12mm
    90-minute UV post-cure
Hardness,Shore D ASTM D 2240 75-85
Flexural modulus,Mpa ASTM D 790 2,650-2,750
Flexural strength,Mpa ASTM D 790 60- 75
Tensile modulus,Mpa ASTM D 638 2,150-2,370
Tensile strength,Mpa ASTM D 638 25-30
Elongation at break ASTM D 638 12 -20%
Impact strength, notched lzod, J/m ASTM D 256 48 - 60
Heat deflection temperature, °C ASTM D 648 @66PSI 58-70
Glass transition, Tg, °C DMA,E”peak 62-75
Density, g/cm3   1.12-1.14



Brand Kings
Unit Of Measure each

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